Practice Guide to Kallpachay Spanish Classes

¡Bienvenidos Padres! Welcome Parents!

Kallpachay has created this site to help connect you with what is happening in your child’s Spanish class.   Each of our thematic series of classes has tailor made goals and objectives.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. or if you’d like information about your child’s progress. 


Our program is powered by proven educational best practices. Children enjoy being challenged to learn and grow in fun ways, so in every lesson we embed developmentally-appropriate learning games which allow students to progress gradually through the stages of acquisition. Students must be ready to join in on activities of their own accord; as such we start classes by creating a fun, comfortable atmosphere that encourages students to play along. This ultimately leads them to working with the Spanish vocabulary as a means to play the games.

The next step for our students is gaining and building confidence in their Spanish-speaking abilities. With games that heighten their sensory memory they start to remember new words from class to class which leads to empowerment and increased confidence in their new-found abilities. This is a positive loop that our teachers are careful to nurture so that the speaking activities that become more and more prevalent as the curriculum advances is still possible even if mistakes are made.

Our Spanish classes offer a wide variety of activities; as the unit progresses, speaking activities and language-play using grammar take up a larger portion of the hour. Each activity type works a different component of Spanish language learning.  Overall the design of our learning environment encourages our students to stay attentive, practice acute listening, create connections for memory, participate with helpful prompts, and use physical coordination.

It may look effortless, but it’s the hard work, skill, and preparation of our instructors which ensures that the atmosphere is light and enjoyable for our students!

We hope that you too will agree that the best way to approach the home practice guide is to continue with this positive association.  It is also our desire that we will inspire you to find ways to include Spanish interactions with your child in your daily life in playful ways.  This site will continue to develop with more topics to guide you to recognize where you child is in the acquisition process.




Please remember that teachers are not allowed to speak to you in English. They are trained to not break away from Spanish because we don’t want the students to hear them speak English.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Admin team. All the contact information is located in the CONTACT US tab.


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