Our Vision for Spanish Learning in 2017

What’s Taking Flight in 2017  —

¡Feliz año nuevo!

At the moment I am writing this in a hotel lobby listening in as the hotel receptionist asks a little girl how to say goodbye in the girls’ language (Chinese). Right before that the receptionist was speaking her native language with another guest, you got it …Spanish.  Now I am in Chinatown, but earlier today I was in Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood and reminded again of the uniqueness of the place I live where on a 20 minute hike I often overhear conversations in five languages!

While driving to the park a public radio show reported on how the German community is addressing the immediate need of the Syrian immigrants to learn German quickly.  

Such radio stories are not rare. I’ve noticed throughout 2016 weekly language topics featured on public radio broadcasts from business to cooking, arts/culture to politics, and of course education.  (We will be posting those links in future blogs in the coming months but here is one recent example – listen.)

The global community we have here in LA is inspiring in many ways. With joy and dedication I strive to have our program easily available and affordable because I feel it is needed and appreciated.

Many parents share their personal stories with me about language and culture and why giving their child Spanish lessons directly links them to their own heritage.

They report to me a feeling of love and pride for their own culture that is reignited when their child learns Spanish.

Other parents are clearly in step with the latest research on brain development and seek a new path of education for their child, one that prepares them for deeper and easier language learning as they grow.

Families also seek support for their own efforts to teach their children Spanish in the home.  

While language learning is a prescribed, tailored and a life long process, the driving force behind success with language learning is consistency and so Kallpachay strives to make the learning fun and meaningful for kids so they will stay with it.
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